" ONE MAN's JUNK " 

One Man's Junk is an online store featuring mostly used but also some new merchandise to the general public. We are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and ship throughout Canada for most items.


A little bit about us...............


One Man's Junk is an online family operated store. With 3 growing boys (15,6 & 2) with no concept of money, we decided this site would be a great idea for our boys to learn the value of a dollar. We were tired of the usual "Hey Mom! Can you buy me a new Hotwheel?" Mom "You have 2000 hotwheels, play with those"

"But Mom!!!! Those are old, I need a new one"

We realized that our boys were constantly getting new things and old ones were being thrown out, lost or neglected so we decided.....You want something new? Sell the old. There are people who don't have it or who need it or could use it.

It all started with Jaden, our 15 year old son who made the mistake of saying, "I learnt how to make a website in grade 8"

"Oh really???" said Dad

Note: He's currently taking pictures of product and doesn't seem to impressed by it. LOL. Well this might just get him that first car he's been dreaming about by selling all his stuff he no longer uses.


Interested in something but just don't currently have the money? Drop us an email. Just like we may have something we no longer need, you may have something we do need or can sell. We'll do our best to work out a deal. We love smiles so we'll try our best to put one on your face. Yes we believe in the barter system aswell. Don't be shy, let us know what you got. You never know, we may have someone else in need of what you got if we don't.